Today's Crisis...

Moral decay and the decline of Christian values in our communities are taking their toll on our society. There is a direct relationship between the increased prison population and the breakdown of our homes and families over the past 25 years. Promiscuity, a lack of integrity, and general apathy toward discipline are creating a culture where the line between right and wrong is losing its definition. Many are seeking answers, looking for help, and crying out for a better way. Jesus is the answer! The Bible Courses offered by Gospel Echoes Team are making an impact on prisoners and their families.

Since 1976, Gospel Echoes has been sharing the good news of the Gospel by sending teams to prison and providing discipleship materials for prison inmates. As a church, we have the opportunity to reach out to prisoners in Christ's name.

Please join us in sharing this great news that sets the prisoner free, not from prison, but from the chains of sin, that have held them captive for so long.

Gospel Echoes Team was incorporated in 1976 as a 501-C3 non-profit organization and is funded by individuals, churches and businesses. Gospel Echoes is responsible to an elected board of directors that serve five-year terms. Operations are directed by a leadership team including; Team Leaders, Office Manager, and the Gospel Echoes President. Gospel Echoes Team has adopted bookkeeping practices from the guidelines recommended by Evangelical Joint Accounting Committee for Christian Organizations, with financial statements available upon request.